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M.Sc in Financial Analysis for Executives

The program for the Graduate Diploma in “Financial Analysis for Executives” includes eight (8) mandatory courses, four (4) elective courses and a graduate thesis. The duration of each course is 30 hours. These courses are:

1. Governments, money markets and the macroeconomy (2nd Semester)
2. Quantitative methods (1st Semester)
3. Financial management I (1st Semester)
4. Financial reporting (1st Semester)
5. Portfolio management (2nd Semester)
6. Bank management and risk management in banking (1st Semester)
7. Financial management II (2nd Semester)
8. Financial Derivatives (2nd Semester)
9. elective 1 (*) (3th Semester)
10.elective 2 (*) (3th Semester)
11.elective 3 (*) (3th Semester)
12.elective 4 (*) (3th Semester)
(*) elective courses

Elective Courses
1. Legal framework of money and capital markets
2. Financial econometrics
3. Institutional Investors and Alternative Investments
4. Real estate investments
5. Business policy and strategy
6. Financial statement analysis
7. Money and capital markets
8. International corporate finance
9. Mergers & acquisitions
10. Topics in Finance
11. Topics in Banking
12. Topics in Accounting
13. Topics in Financial Econometrics
14. Topics in Quantitative Methods in Finance
15. International Financial Reporting Standards
16. Bank Marketing
17. Asset Pricing
18. Energy Markets and Financial Investments