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Basic Principles


The Graduate Program stands out for its pioneer principles of operations that are unique compared with similar Greek and European programs.Among them, one distinguishes:

  • The continuous and direct communication between teachers and students.  This  is  supported  by  the  small  number  of  carefully selected  students  and  by  their  active  participation  to  the activities of  the department, either  as  paid teaching –  research assistants or as volunteers.
  • The  administration  of  scholarships  with  the  criterion  of academic  performance  and  with  the  purpose  of  the encouragement of the emulation among students.
  • The emphasis on the quality of education
  • The big variety of courses and their often adjustment at the ever  varying  knowledge needs of the market
  • The exploitation of the possibilities of the modern technology at the teaching level, through:
    • the electronic  distribution  of  many  notes  and  exercises through the internet area
    • the enhancement of lectures by the use of multimedia
    • the collection and analysis of real data about the economy and enterprises, from on-line databases
    • the  direct  contact  with  the  current  evolutions,  like  the watch of the indigenous and international money markets in real time.
  • The  interest  in  students,  which  starts  since  their  first  contact with the program and continues after their graduation.